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Conservatories and sun rooms catch the sun and offer warmth and coziness. They make room for personal development, particularly when the addition of a conservatory offers real, quality living space.

This new living space can be a very smart move since it can be used year-round. Furthermore the living conservatory, as an extension of the house, gives you the chance to reduce your heating bill by using the sun’s natural warmth.

As a distinctive element, integrated and organic, the functional conservatory increases the value of your house, whether it’s an extension or a stand-alone structure. But more than that, it presents many new dimensions of your living space that directly affects your quality of life.

Everything under one roof

  • On-site consultation
  • external quality management in the area of structural physics
  • Clarification of building ordinances as well as building contracts
  • Cost calculations and estimates
  • Coordination and management of workers involved in the project, including interior fittings

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The best thing for the future is experience:
For over 125 years Valentin Schmidt has been the reputable, quality-conscious cabinet maker and Interior carpenter.

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