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Doors are not just attractive eye-catchers, but also the first greeting to welcome in each visitor. Doors give the facade an unmistakeable face and emphasize the architectural signature of the building. The look is important, but it’s not everything. Along with form, color, design, and material doors need to be structurally sound, highly secure, insulated, soundproof, and well-made.

From consultation to installation

We offer support when choosing the right doors and take over design, finishing, and installation - all custom made. Our offer goes from reputable manufacturers of brand-name doors, to customized projects from our workshop. Be it simple elegance or unusual design; wood, plastic, aluminum, or a combination of wood and aluminum, the possibilities are almost endless. Visit our showroom and see for yourself the wide selection of materials and models.


You’ll benefit from our decades of experience when you choose natural building materials. The beauty, durability, strength and ease of repair are still undeniable qualities of wooden doors. The stylish and elegant character of wood perfectly adds to almost any living arrangement.


This light-weight material continues to set new standards of strength and durability. The modern, cool look is perfect for combining with almost any other style. Thanks to skillfull streamlining, it is always elegant and simply beautiful.

Wood and Aluminum

This combination is one of the most innovative developments in door and window technology. Here, all of the advantages of these two materials unite to create a harmonious over-all form. The outer aluminum layer covers and protects the integrity of the wood, providing maximum security and excellent weather-proofing that lasts. There is a variety of fine woods to choose from for the inner construction, perfectly finished and suitable for the rest of the fittings.


There is an almost unlimited range of possibilities when it comes to plastic doors. Simply compose your new front door. Our range offers a rich assortment of door panel models. An insulating multi-chamber system with steel reinforcement in the center chamber ensures your comfort and security.

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The best thing for the future is experience:
For over 125 years Valentin Schmidt has been the reputable, quality-conscious cabinet maker and Interior carpenter.

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