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They harness light and life. They provide openness and transparency. They give distinctive accent. Inside and out. In short: Windows give distinction to the atmosphere and perception of a room. And the facade gains individuality and character through the right windows.

The possiblities for window construction are almost endless. The rising standard of living calls for ever-increasing requirements of modern window systems: first-class quality and workmanship as well as attractive design are just a few criteria that windows must fulfill. Along with good appearance we depend on windows for insulation, soundproofing, and security.

Aesthetic look – beautiful view

We offer comprehensive consultation for your questions about construction techniques and design as well as answers concerning composition or material selection. Whether they are single or multi-casement bay windows, opening inward or outward, made of wood, plastic, or aluminum, we competently stand beside you to plan and custom-build your dream windows. We work with experienced and reputable manufacturers and thus can request the suitable materials and choose the ideal construction method. Take a look around our showroom and see for yourself. 


Oak, alder, larch, meranti or pine - wooden windows are a timeless classic that achieve a new appearance through the diverse selection of different woods. Most notably, wood offers the interior a unique kind of comfort and warmth that organic materials bring inside. In addition, it can be combined superbly with other materials. 


A noble profile of high quality - a deciding factor for the feel of a room. With a modern five-chamber profile and further multi-chamber constructions, plastic windows lend security and a high level of thermal insulation. The top quality waterproofing guarantees the best protection against wind, rain, and street noise. Plus, plastic windows can be made in more than twenty colors including woodgrain patterns.


Whether it’s an old or new building, windows with aluminum frames are practical and offer dependable protection against wind and weather. And, the slender profile of the window makes the room appear bigger and brighter. Aluminum windows are available in many colors and metallic paint.

Wood and Aluminum

Aluminum on the outside, wood on the inside. The ideal combination of two time-tested building materials set the new standard for ecology and economy. Aluminum guarantees protection and durability - even extreme fluctuation in temperature has little effect on aluminum. In addition, this material combo achieves the best score where insulation is concerned.

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