Furniture Workshops

Furniture workshops

After 115 years, highly skilled workmanship and traditional manufacturing are to this day fundamental values of our enterprise.


Our high standards require not only technical expertise, but also clearly defined operations and the benefit of having the most up-to-date production technology. Our professional team, with a keen sense of the workpiece, an eye for detail and material, makes it possible to complete a project with exeptional quality; be it an individual piece of furniture or a complex plan.
Our unique collection of materials, colors, and wood samples makes designing easier because you can get the look and feel of the materials and see different combinations. Various examples of styles and layouts for home or office, as well as a comprehensive photo gallery offers a multitude of suggestions and shows many types of construction.


Motivated employees, capable suppliers, informative plans, and modern manufacturing processes are the fundamentals for market-friendly budgets, timely completion dates, and satisfied customers.

Living Spaces

Our quality is defined not only by the excellence of our work, but also through the compatibility of the material and color combinations.  Our goal is harmonious form and energetic atmosphere.

Corian by Valentin Schmidt

Corian is a composite material made from natural minerals and acrylic polymers with outstanding properties.

About us

The best thing for the future is experience:
For over 125 years Valentin Schmidt has been the reputable, quality-conscious cabinet maker and Interior carpenter.

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